10 Digital Tools for Long-Distance Relationships

August 5, 2013

If you are in a long-distance relationship you know how hard it can be.  If you are in a military relationship it can be even harder.  Check out these digital tools to make your long-distance relationship a little bit easier.
1.  Free International Texting Apps
When your loved one is overseas and you dont have an international plan on your phone or unlimited texting, you better expect to get a very high phone bill each month.  Thanks to WhatsApp and Kik you can avoid those hefty fees!
2.  Free In-App Phone Calls
Similar to the concept of avoiding overseas fees you can get the Viber app which allows you to make free in-app phone calls.
3.  Video Calls
The well known program for reaching out to your loved ones  is Skype.  A simple video call platform that will become your best friend in a long-distance relationship.  Since the launch of Skype, more video calling programs have been popping up-such as Google Hangout, Google Video, iChat and Facetime.
4.  Trip Planning
Start researching for your next visit, check flights and fares and plan out the details of a trip on Kayak HipMunk or similar trip planning websites.  These websites now have several sharing options so you can easily show your loved one what you’re looking at and bounce ideas off of each other.
5.  Flowers
Who doesn’t love receiving flowers from someone they love?  Have them delivered at your guy or gals place of work or at their home.  If flowers aren’t your cup of tea, you can still utilize flower delivering sites such as ProFlowers, where you can send gourmet food, gift baskets, cakes, wine and more!
6.  Watch a Movie
You may not have your partner around to lay back and watch a movie with you but that doesn’t mean you can’t watch a movie together from different parts of the world!  Thanks to Netflix and HuluPlus you can watch thousands of videos instantly from your home.  What’s even better?  You can play the same movie at the exact time and chat about it as you watch.  You can go so far as to utilize Skype and see each other’s reactions.  Google Hangout also allows you to watch YouTube live together.
7.  An App for Two
I have heard of Apps for couples before but I always thought it was so silly to have a special app on your phone to connect with your boyfriend/girlfriend.  Plus, your friend’s find out about it and you never live it down.  It wasn’t until I saw the app CoupleApp and watched this video that made me want to try it.  You heart will melt a little after watching this.  I am currently downloading the Couple App on my Android phone and will review at a later date. 
8.  Picture & Text Messaging
If you don’t want to download an all-in-one app for you and your other half, text and picture messaging is the best way to go.  My boyfriend was stationed in Japan so the only tool we were able to use was Skype and Facebook Messaging.  Now that he is stationed in Virginia, I love that I can text him whenever I want!  Picture messaging is included in both of our phone plans so we will take pictures of whatever we’re doing..from the food we are eating to our funny faces when we wake up in the morning and it makes texting a little bit more fun.  Contact your phone provider to enroll in picture messaging if you dont have it already.
9.  Snapchat
A similar route of picture-based messaging is Snapchat.  Snapchat is known as a nudie sending platform but for those more modest like myself, I send random funny pictures to my friends.  Snapchat is good for sending a funny picture of yourself that you really don’t want someone to save forever so you can limit how many seconds the recipient can view the picture for.  If the recipient takes a screen cap, you are also alerted.  Light hearted and fun but I still prefer regular picture messaging so I can save all of the precious memories.
10.  Sincerely
The fairly new gifting platform Sincerely has 4 really awesome apps perfect for long-distance relationships.  Item’s starting at just .99 cents- perfect for “thinking of you” gifts that really go a long way.  You can check out my previous blog post- 4 Unique Apps for Long-Distance Relationships and check out the awesome digital tools that Sincerely has to offer.  
Do you have any digital tools that have worked great for you and your long-distance beau?  Sound off in the comments below! 🙂

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